Tuesday, 25 October 2016

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I have the bonnet halves cut and louvred on a CNC Trumph machine, a £250K lump of kit, not mine you understand! Please remember....you do not have to do this, I bend these for you!

I mark each half suitably and owing to the different radii of the nose cone and the scuttle, make the first bend on a specially made cone. (first time I did this I was shitting myself!)

 The second bend is when it becomes exciting, over a 6 inch piece of plastic drain pipe.

A third tweak bend occurs around the nose cone end using a 3 inch drain pipe.

Suitably bent and the ends trimmed accordingly, time to fit the stainless steel hinge.

 Both bonnet halves shown hinged, even the starter body/chassis kit has the bonnets fully formed and hinge fitted. You will have to adjust the nose cone accordingly to reach nice looking shut lines.

  Both halves now laying over the GRP sections.

One side open, but not fitted yet.

The bonnet assembly can be removed easily as a whole by simply unscrewing the fitting shown here on the back of the nose cone.

Under bonnet shot showing petrol cap and bonnet clearance.

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