Sunday, 14 April 2019

Gear change mechanism

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This is the lower arm. Note the rose joint fitted to the front of the arm. Use nylock nuts throughout.

Note the rose joint fitted behind the gearbox link arm. Note also the 6mm bolt on the splined end of the arm. Although it screws into a threaded housing, always add a nylock nut to prevent it working loose. One client omitted this nylock nut and the bolt worked loose meaning he couldn't change gear, so he limped home in 5th gear (!) and burnt his clutch out!

Note basic layout.

Note the 6mm bolt and nylock...again, don't forget it!

Note layout.

Note central hole layout.

Note layout.

Basic layout.

Note layout.

Note layout.

Note gear change lever set up and long rod. All rods have a left hand and right hand rose joint each end so rotation of each rod shortens/lengthens accordingly and then each end should be locked off. Set up is initial trial and error, but once set up to the mean it works well.

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