Sunday, 3 November 2019

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An additional tool box idea.
I did this as a one off idea for a car built in 2018. It can easily be replicated at an additional cost. It can be used as a tool box or simply somewhere to put your lunch, or a change of underpants!

Here we see a basic electrics box and instantly it can be seen that this is a much earlier donor bike model with no fuel injection system, hence no ECU, however I did fit an electronic ignition system, a Newtronics unit, through to a distributor.

I decided to make up a box from the same "propellor" motif aluminium to sit in front of the tank, so it replicates the basic dimensions of the electrics box, but is taller, 160mm from memory. I wanted it to be fully detachable from the electrics box lid, so I fitted more Dzus fasteners to allow this. 

Here is another shot and in front can be seen the conventional ignition coils.

Here is the box shown from the other side. Note the throttle and chock cable "2 into 1" adaptors, which if one is a tinkerer, allows the owner to tinker with settings etc.

A distant shot.

Well, a box has to have a lid, so I folded one up and fixed it with more Dzus fasteners, and by this time, I was jolly excited!

Lid off, showing the Dzus fastener brackets. This reminds me of one of my funny stories, well not so since it cost me more money! I had four fuel tanks made up, all nicely Tig welded etc, but I'd forgotten to take into account the curvature of the bonnet and as the tanks had square edges the bonnet wouldn't shut, so they all had to be cut, corners trimmed and welded back at an angle. Then I forgot that a LHD car needs the tank moved over the other side, and the tanks can't be reversed, so had to have special LHD tanks welded up. After a few years or so, in fact this year to be precise, I stared at a tank, and thought...silly bugger, slope both sides and weld in 4 outlets, two of which can be capped off accordingly for a fuel injected version and 3 capped off for a carburettor version. The problem is now solved, but shows that eccentricity and lack of forethought can sometimes work in opposite directions!
What the hell, a box is a box.

One last shot of my nice box, and I didn't even charge the customer for it, he was a victim of my experimentation!

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