Wednesday, 14 September 2016

                              Fitting rear rounded panel, rear lower inner panels, nose cone, &                                                                       wishbones.

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Here is the rear rounded panel about to be pulled round and fitted.

The panel has been pulled round, I've omitted showing cleko pins, but I've used 4.8mm rivets that are extremely close in size to the 5mm SBH screws. At this stage I've not shown how the rear rounded end simply comes off and is refitted, this will happen shortly.

The lower rear panels are shown fitted in this shot and the rounded rear end of the beetleback can be seen from within.

Seen from above, the rear inner side panels are fully riveted. Forward of these are the detachable panels that allow access to the swinging arm pivot pins etc.

Next in this batch is the fitting of the nose cone. This is straightforward, and I jig this into position and secure with 4 x 6mm bolts and washers into riv nuts.

This shot shows the small pattern piece that initially determines the distance between the scuttle and the nose cone. It is adjusted in the bonnet fitting sequence.

I decided to commence the mechanical build up at this stage and here we see the top and lower wishbones in place. Ensure that copper-slip or equivalent is used when bolting the wishbones on, it will make dismantling easier if and when required.

This is a top wishbone adjuster enabling adjustment of camber without removing the top ball joint. 

The top wishbone is shown fully shimmed to the rear of the bracket. This allows maximum castor of 6.5 degrees. The top bolt and tube is a crush tube.

This shot shows the shock absorber and spring fitted together with spacers. Again, ensure that copper slip or equivalent is used on the bolts.

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