Tuesday, 20 September 2016

       Fitting  the steering rack, steering rack cover and headlights.   www.aerocyclecars.com

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The steering rack is bolted on using two aluminium alloy clamps and socket cap head (SCH) bolts and nylock nuts. This is the right hand one (left when viewed from the front). Normal washers won't fit under the bolts heads, so I use spring washers.

You need to shorten the 240mm M12 engine bolt, it should be cut at 222mm as it is extremely close to the top bolt of the LHS steering rack clamp.

The LHS steering rack clamp comes with a pair of phenol shims, but even with the thicker one fitted the rack still moves slightly. It needs to be rock solid, so you can either cut an additional shim to suit, or as I did with this one, linish the underside of the clamp piece until it fitted tightly. Once it is a tight fit, use similar bolts to the other side and tighten up. Beware, even though the clamps might tighten up solidly and give the impression that the rack cannot move, double check by attempting to rotate it, by grabbing on the lower steering column and attempting to rock it. 

 The steering arms need lubricating with copper slip or equivalent, and note the locking half nut.

This is a track rod/steering arm extender. These are required owing to the wider track wishbones now fitted as standard.

With the steering arm/track rod extender now fitted, fit the track rod ball joint. For UK builders, make sure that you fit rubber sleeves at this point over the nuts and hex on the extenders. You are required to do so for the MSVA test, and no point in doubling up on work.

Here the track rod end ball joint is fitted to the upright steering arm. Ensure the use of copper slip or equivalent. The nylock nuts are fine pitch, 10mm x 1.25mm, so don't loose them.

The steering rack cover is shown fitted here. In this case, it didn't quite fit closely enough, as the client supplied a slightly larger than usual alternator cover. I had to perform surgery to the louvred cover, but it looks very good.

Last job today was fitting the headlights. A US client enquired about fitting the front indicators to the headlight bowls (I supply the fittings anyway in a full kit). Therefore fitting the indicators is the next  job. Disregard the angles of wishbones & steering arms...the car is up on one of my fork lifts!

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