Saturday, 10 September 2016

Trial fitting the side panels, then lower and upper trim pieces.

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Firstly the side panels are trial fitted after 3.2mm holes have been punched at 100 mm centres. I wanted the 5mm socket button head screws (SBH) to line up on the lower edge of the side panels with the rivets at the upper edge. This all needs careful marking out. 5mm riv nuts have been fitted into the lower chassis member then oversized holes in the side panel have been cut with a 16mm rotabroach cutter. I could have made these 12mm but decided to give plenty of clearance when fitting the side panels due to the curvature. Intermediate holes are also drilled at 100mm centres and these holes will have a 3.2mm rivet inserted. The cirvature of the lower side trim just allows the head of the rivet due to a concave form in the trim.

Here is the front end of the trim piece fitted into place with a 5mm SBH screw. The front edge of the trim will be rubbed down to a smooth finish. You can see how it forms over the edge of the floor panel too. Please note, this piece of trim is not included in either a Kit 001 or the Complete Kit, it is an extra feature.

At the same time, the front detachable panels are fitted. As can be seen this panel is held on with 5 5mm SBH screws, and beneath the panel are 5mm riv nuts.

The top trim is fitted in a similar fashion, also using 5mm riv nuts and 5mm SBH screws.

Another view of the top trim plus the top panels which are held down variously by the top trim 5mm SBH screws, further 5mm SBH screws, and finally by the fuel tank. The removable panel to the electrics box will eventually be held down by Dzus fasteners.

Finally here is a shot of the "propellor" motif front bulkhead panels, now fully fitted into place.These "propellor motif" panels shown here are not standard, thus they do not come in a Kit 001 or a Complete Kit. The main side panels are not fully fitted permanently at this stage, since it is important during various stages of the build to ensure very good access for the mechanical build up.

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