Wednesday, 23 November 2016

                                      Fitting the clutch cable

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You would think that fitting a clutch cable would be pretty simple. Well it would be if the cable was the right length. I had a batch made by my usual supplier and when I went to fit this one found the inner cable had been made too short.

I then discovered that the company making the cables now use a thicker inner cable, so the slot in the front plate of the pedal box was incorrect and now needed filing wider. Initially I tapped an 8mm hole in the plate then decided to drill the thread out as the cable adjuster has a pair of nuts and washers, so these will clamp up to the front plate.

The clutch cable has a long adjuster and a short adjuster. Fit the short adjuster to the pedal box. Here you can see the cable fitting into the slot in the top of the clutch pedal.

Here is the shorter top adjuster. Once fitted, adjust up to position the clutch cable so that it is level with the brake pedal once it has been connected to the brake master cylinder. Ensure that you have good travel with the clutch pedal. What will cause the pedal to foul is having fitted bolts to the LHS of the pedal box to the chassis, that are too long, so check this.

Here is the longer adjuster down at the gearbox. Fitting is very simple and it is easy to take up the slack.  Ensure that the small spring is in place between the actuator arm and the gearbox rear plate. 

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