Tuesday, 29 November 2016

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Just the one photo for this update.

An unusual idea this one, but one I've been thinking about for some time. Here we see one of the main side panels, the LHS panel to which I've stuck down pieces of automotive carpet. Sticking carpets to the side panels once they are in situ and fully bonded to the chassis, can be a messy problem. I carefully measured and marked out side carpet pieces, in fact I've cut aluminium templates for repetition. You need to allow for the 25mm box section top and bottom side rails and for around the verticals and the welded plates through which the exhaust side pipes bolt up. Notice where I've placed masking tape to avoid overspray of the contact adhesive. Once done, offer up the panel holding it on with either cleko pins or clamps and check any exposed bare aluminium sections, then remove the panel and run a "bead" of black paint around the edges of the carpet pieces to "mask" any small areas of bare aluminium. 

I used to offer internal side panels covered in vinyl with a pocket, you could have these made up yourself at a later date if you wish, but the carpet set within the 25mm box section rails allows just a tiny bit of extra hip room.

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