Friday, 4 November 2016

                      Reversing gearbox & propshaft fitting time

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The cardan joint is shown through the rear bulkhead bearing plate. Ensure that the cardan joint is fully greased prior to fitment.

The rear bearing and spacer is bolted to the rear bulkhead bearing plate, and the rear propshaft can be seen inserted into the bearing. The 10mm spacer shown behind the bearing allows the front of the cardan joint to turn freely. The spigot on the end of the propshaft which is half of a standard Moto Guzzi shaft should be inserted into the front of the cardan joint using copper slip or equivalent. Note the grease nipple on the top of the bearing, which of course needs greasing.

Another close up of the rear shaft inserted into the bearing. Note the grub screw, there is a second one out of view, and both need tightening up.

The reversing gearbox needs 120ml of 5W-40 oil. Another shot will show the filler plug on the other side of the gearbox.

Here is the front joint on the front shaft. Ensure that copper-slip or equivalent is used on the splines to the main gearbox output shaft. Prior to inserting it through the lower bulkhead panel on the gearbox output shaft, you'll find it easier to take the reversing gearbox off the inclined plinth, then to bolt the front shaft flange to the font flange of the reversing gearbox using 4 x 5/16 socket cap head bolts/spring washers/washers. Then lift the reversing gearbox on to its plinth and simultaneously insert the front shaft joint shown above, through the lower bulkhead panel and on to the main gearbox output shaft. The front propshaft is not telescopic, whereas the rear shaft is.

This shot shows the reversing gearbox mounted to the two right angled plates using 7/16th bolts/washers/nylock nuts, and 4 x  M10 25mm bolts/washers/nylock nuts. I tape across the top of the angled plinth so that the reversing gearbox and brackets do not scratch the surface.

Here we see the reversing gearbox and propshafts coupled up. Both shafts will need greasing and each has a nipple. Both shafts are fully balanced. Note that the reversing gearbox is bolted down with the flat side to the right hand side of the tunnel facing forward. Ensure that the flat of the box is adjacent to the bottom tunnel rail, you can see that the brackets are flush with the edge of the angled plinth.

Here the front shaft coupling is shown connected up to the main gearbox output shaft. You should check that it all turns freely.

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