Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hello, I am Arthur Rayner of Aero Cycle Cars in the UK:  and I am going to show you on this blog just how to put together one of my fully comprehensive three wheeler "Morgan replica" kits.

Before proceeding, may I say that I ship worldwide, mainly to the USA and Australia. It entails a large wooden crate shipped within a 20ft/6m container. Cost of the crate is approx £500 and shipping around £500 to arrival port. It makes sense therefore to ship a complete fully comprehensive kit. See kit prices & shipping.

Firstly, let us have a look at what a completed car can look like. The photos below display a demonstrator vehicle that I built a couple of years ago. I have updated the specification this year, and the photos that emerge in the coming few weeks, as I build up a vehicle, clearly display my new suspension upright/brake system and vintage splined 19 inch knock off wheels, identical to those fitted to the Morgan 5 speed vehicle.

The first things you'll notice are a) Moto Guzzi V twin power, in this case, a 1046cc (1100) EFI engine and 5 speed sequential gearbox, shaft driven via a reversing gearbox and 2 piece balanced drive shaft through to the Moto Guzzi final drive and swing arm system using twin shock absorbers. 

b) Masses of louvres. Each bonnet half has 48 louvres, that's 96 louvres in the bonnet, and bonnet halves close with vintage sprung loaded chrome on brass bonnet catches. Detachable front side panels are louvred and the main side panels have vertical louvres, just as early Morgans did from the 1920s & 30s.

c) Detail abounds, in fact many of my clients go even further and attach additional chromed parts that really show off the vintage lines of such a car. Let's have a look at a few more photos, and if you like, why not cross over to my website,  which has masses of detail within it.

Amazing views forward of the scuttle...vintage Brooklands aero screens with chrome on brass fittings, stainless steel headlights, professionally polished bonnet, fully louvred.

Vintage looking rear end, stainless steel exhaust headers, sidepipes and silencers.

Bonnet side louvres, chrome on brass bonnet catches, detail, detail, detail!

I can build you RHD and LHD cars, or supply you with a starter kit with subsequent affordable additional option kit stages, or a fully comprehensive kit with just about every last nut, bolt and rivet included. If building from a kit of course, you will need to possess or purchase a donor motorcycle from an 850cc round barreled version from the 1970s onwards, squared barreled right up to a late 2000s 1046cc version. All twin rear shock absorber bikes with the big twin engine (850cc -1046cc) will all fit straight in, no matter which length of swing arm you have.

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