Wednesday, 10 August 2016

DZUS Fasteners, rear bulkhead, rear cover.

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This is a Dzus faster bracket welded directly to the upper chassis side member. These are used to secure the rear fibreglass/GRP cover.

Here is the same Dzus fastener bracket complete with the retaining spring slid on to it.

Here is a Dzus fastener. It is a quarter turn fastener.

In this shot, the Dzus quarter turn fastener is shown fully turned compressing the retaining spring.

The brackets are used as a template to drill through the aluminium bulkhead, or anything else. The hole is 14mm, so a 14mm rotabroach cutter is used to centre up a dot impression which is then centre punched and conventionally drilled out to 10mm, allowing the Dzus fastener to pass through.

Here is the aluminium laser cutupper rear bulkhead, showing the now 10mm holes drilled through. In a later post we shall see the upper rear compartment doors hinged and fitted.

The front faces of the Dzus fasteners. The upper rear bulkhead panel is still covered in protective plastic.

Here is the upper rear bulkhead and the rear fibreglass/GRP cover in situ. A foremost Dzus fastener is visible and four of these hold the cover on to the vehicle. This latter aspect will be covered in more depth in a future post.

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