Sunday, 21 August 2016

Odds & sods prior to powder coating.

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Cleko clamps and a standard body clamp. I advise that builders purchase some Cleko clamps and the "pliers" to insert them. A Cleko clamp is internally sprung loaded. Please remember that all holes in every panel (apart from the floor) will be pre-punched.

This is a de-burring tool. I use these on all pre punched holes. When drilling any additional hole in any aluminium panel it is best to de-burr prior to any rivet or bolt.

Here is the lower side trim (this is not standard in a Kit 001 or a Complete Kit, but additional). It is a curved J section. It has taken careful marking out to ensure that the locating holes through which 5mm socket button head screws line up with the side panel rivets.

An "early day" shot, but it can be seen by a couple of seconds polishing of the lower trim, just how good it will look.

This shot shows how the Dzus fastener plate in the underside of the grp rear cover is fitted. A 10mm hole has been drilled through the grp using a rotabroach cutter, which is then left in the hole as a "plug". pre-drilled 3,2mm holes in the small aluminium plate are then drilled through the grp, enlarged to 5mm, then the hole in opposite side of the grp is countersunk and a 5mm countersunk socket screw is inserted and a washer and nylock nut fitted. The rotabroach "plug" is then removed. This is all pre done for you.  

Here we see the fitted aluminium "rub-plate" and the quarter turn Dzus fastener holding the grp rear cover down to the chassis. Not shown of course, at this stage, is the internal aluminium rear cover.

Next up within a week will be shots of the chassis once returned from the powder coaters. There has been a delay due to holidays. Once powder coated, the build up begins in earnest, and real progress becomes quicker.

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