Monday, 1 August 2016

Internal rear cover bodywork.

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Remember, whichever kit you purchase, either Kit 001 or a complete comprehensive kit, all aluminium panels are accurately cut to fit, and will be fitted by you, you have no aluminium to cut/trim whatsoever, it is all done for you. Of course, if purchasing a complete car ready for the road, it goes without saying saying that all panels are bonded and rivetted on in the construction process.

Here is the detachable rear end of a beetleback chassis.

Here is the beetleback rear end bolted to the chassis.

This shot shows the beginning of the internal rear cover.

Here is the rear cover attached to the chassis.

Another shot of the now one piece rear cover which is attached eventually by six 6mm bolts. This will become visible again when I post shots of the completed bodywork prior to the fitment of the fibreglass/grp components.

The cover lifts off in one piece for general build up and maintenance. It comprises 7 parts rivetted together.

This is an interesting panel. I decided to cover the lower front bulkhead cross member with a propellor embossed aluminium section. The panels above it, left and right will also be from the same material. This build is a special one with chrome 19 inch knock on wire wheels, and these panels will compliment the wheels and other polished items and will be visible from the front of the car.

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