Thursday, 4 August 2016

Further panelling prior to powdercoating.

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The rounded rear end of the beetleback is simply pulled around the shaped rear end of the chassis. Eventually it is riveted and the main body side panels overlap and bolt into riv nuts in a chassis upright. This will become obvious once the chassis is back from powdercoating and body build up commences in earnest. 

This is the electrics box which bolts down to the tunnel and 2 side decking pieces. The large holes eventually have large grommets inserted as the cabling to and from the fuses and relays passes through them.

Here is the electrics box again with joggled side panels either side. The joggles allow for a lid to the electrics box to sit flush.

This shot shows the LHS of the central tunnel.

Here is the RHS of the tunnel, and this shaped panel is removable. I shall display this feature further into the build. The slot on top is for the handbrake, and the sloping hole allows the main gear lever to protrude.

Here are the two front bulkhead panels from the shiny polished propellor motif sheet. The two holes in the RHS panel are for the steering column and the main front propshaft.

Front bulkhead panels again. These will look superb contrasting with black powdercoating.

Don't forget, all of the panelling shown so far is all done by me irrespective of which kit you purchase. You do not need to cut any panel, and all panels have pre-punched holes through which you will drill in order to insert rivets.

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